Home Stretch


Home Stretch matches households to Alameda County’s Permanent Supportive Housing opportunities for people who experience ALL of the following:

1. Individual or family who lacks a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence, meaning:

(i) Has a primary nighttime residence that is a public or private place not meant for human habitation; (ii) Is living in a publicly or privately operated shelter designated to provide temporary living arrangements (including congregate shelters, transitional housing, and hotels and motels paid for by charitable organizations or by federal, state and local government programs); or

(iii) Is exiting an institution where (s)he has resided for 90 days or less and who resided in an emergency shelter or place not meant for human habitation immediately before entering that institution

2. Any individual or family who:

(i) Is fleeing, or is attempting to flee, domestic violence;

(ii) Has no other residence; and

(iii) Lacks the resources or support networks to obtain other permanent housing

  • Disability – The head of household has a disabling health condition(s) that is expected to be of long-continued and indefinite duration and substantially impedes the persons’ ability to live independently, such as a diagnosable substance use disorder, serious mental illness, developmental disability, or chronic physical illness or disability.
  • Are over 18 or Emancipated Youth.
  • Currently Reside in Alameda County.

PHONE : 510-567-8017
FAX: 1-855-658-5466
EMAIL: HomeStretch@acgov.org

If you want to be added to the Home Stretch email list to receive updates, please email HomeStretch@acgov.org.


  1. Complete a Coordinated Entry Assessment (CES) – Households are connected to Home Stretch through the “Coordinated Entry System”. Please call 2-1-1 or a regional Housing Resource Center – Click Here
  2. Turn in all Housing and Public Benefits Portfolio documents to Home Stretch. Please refer to the “Housing and Public Benefits Portfolio” section below for more information.


HUD has asked counties across the nation to assess people based on vulnerability and level of need. As a result, Alameda County is shifting to a new way of matching people to available housing resources. This new way is called Coordinated Entry. Now, everyone goes through the same standard process. Click here to learn more about Coordinated Entry.

Housing Match Documents are important to collect for all types of housing applications including mainstream, affordable, subsidized, and permanent supportive housing. In Alameda County, clients cannot be matched to permanent supportive housing without all Housing Match Documentation.

>>Housing and Public Benefits Portfolio Packet – Click Here<<


Housing Match Documents Include:

  1. HOUSING MATCH DOCUMENTATION CHECKLIST – use the checklist to ensure you have completed all the required forms
  2. HOUSING PROFILE– Fully completed Housing Profile Form
  3. DISABILITY VERIFICATION –Fully completed Verification of Disability Form
  4. HOUSING HISTORY– Fully completed Housing History Form

Release to Request Identifying Documents and Verification of Benefits from AC Social Services Agency – This form can be completed and sent to homestretch@acgov.org to request identifying documents and verification of benefits, like GA, from AC Social Services Agency

The Home Stretch Housing Assistance Fund, managed by Alameda County Health Care Services Agency, was created to provide a flexible source of funding to help Alameda County eligible consumers and their families obtain and maintain long-term, stable housing of their choice.

Home Stretch Housing Assistance Fund Documents:

  1. Home Stretch Housing Assistance Fund Policy – This document outlines eligibility requirements, the process for submitting requests, and what to expect after a request has been submitted. Please read this thoroughly prior to submitting an application.
  2. Home Stretch Housing Assistance Fund Application (Fillable) OR Home Stretch Housing Assistance Fund Application (Not Fillable) 
  3. HMIS Release of Information
  4. HMIS Client Profile Form
  5. HMIS Intake Form
  6. Approved Household Furnishings and Household Items Checklist
  7. Property Management Forms for Payment/New Vendor Documents – W-9, Invoice Template, Business Add/Update Form
  8. Approved Vendors for Household Furnishings and Household Items
  9. Instructions for Each Approved Household Furnishings and Household Items Vendor:
    1. Amazon
    2. Bed, Bath, and Beyond
    3. Living Spaces
    4. Overstock.com
    5. Target

Download All Documents