Community Meetings

Governance Information Session – 3/17/21

On March 17th, 2021, EveryOne Home held an info session to update the community and receive feedback on the governance structure to center racial equity, provide leadership opportunities for people with lived experience of homelessness, clarify committee roles/responsibilities, and increase transparency to ensure accountability. You can download the presentation and watch the recording of the info session below. 

Governance Info Session Presentation 

COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) Info Session – 3/16/21

On Tuesday, March 16th, EveryOne Home held an informative session on the COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance Programs (ERAP) in Alameda County, City of Oakland, and City of Fremont. 

Michelle Starratt from Alameda County Housing and Community Development Department, Monique Berlanga from Centro Legal de la Raza, Robert Lopez from the City of Fremont, and Cookie Robles-Wong from the City of Oakland presented at the Info Session and participated in a Q and A Session. 

For your reference, please find the video recording, PowerPoint slides, and links shared from the info session below.

COVID-19 Vaccination Plan for People Experiencing Homelessness Info Session 3/01/21

On March 1st, 2021, EveryOne Home hosted an info session featuring Dr. Kathleen Clanon from Alameda County Health Care Services Agency. Dr. Clanon shared updates with us on Alameda County’s COVID-19 vaccination plan for people experiencing homelessness and answered questions raised during the Q & A session.

You can download the PowerPoint slides here and watch the recording of the presentation and Q & A session below. 

EveryOne Home Community Meeting 10/29/20

Watch the recording of the community meeting below. You can also download the powerpoint slides here and the executive summary of the Centering Racial Equity in Homeless System Design report here. 

EveryOne Home Community Meeting 5/12/20

Watch the recording of the community meeting below. You can also download the powerpoint slides here. 

EveryOne Home Community Meeting 11/04/19

Download the materials from our November 2019 Community meeting.

Powerpoint Presentation 

Structural Inequities and Homelessness

Governance Charter

EveryOne Home Community Meeting 10/29/18

Download the materials from our October 2018 Community meeting.

Powerpoint Presentation from 10/29 Meeting

Governance Charter and Memo

2018 Everyone Home Voting Guide

2019 Homeless Count Participant Roles

EveryOne Home Community Meeting 10/30/17

On October 30th 2017, EveryOne Home held our Annual Membership Meeting. At the meeting, members voted for support of the Governance Charter Ratification and elected new representatives for the Leadership Board and the HUD CoC Committees. The community was updated on Coordinated Entry and HMIS. We also split into groups to discuss the State of Homelessness in Alameda County and the EveryOne Home plan. Take a look at their ideas in the pictures below:

Download the materials from the meeting below:

EveryOne Home Annual Membership Meeting 10.30.17

Governance Charter 2017

Interagency Children’s Policy Council (ICPC) Policy Forum 11/03/2016

EveryOne Home is proud to have been in attendance at the annual Interagency Children’s Policy Council (ICPC) Policy Forum. This year’s focus was on Transition Aged Youth. The event included panels comprised of both providers and youth, and collaborative work to develop recommendations and strategies for ending homelessness in this population. The Forum was attended by county departments, providers, youth, elected officials and representatives, and community members.

Operations Vets Home All Hands Retreat 11/02/16

Operation Vets Home hosted a retreat on November 2nd, 2016 that brought together over 65 attendees from 10 different agencies for one unifying goal: ending Veteran homelessness in Alameda County.

Throughout the day, attendees not only learned about the progress so far, but also what more needed to be done. Staff members from a diverse range of agencies formed groups to analyze successes and barriers within the current system. What’s more–they proposed solutions. They proposed actionable goals that we can achieve, and committed within their agencies to improve the ways in which we help homeless Veterans.

The room buzzed with new ideas, new energy, and new comprehension of what we can do for our community.

If you would like to learn more or get involved in Operation Vets Home, click here