Get Involved

If you are interested in being involved in EveryOne Home the collective impact initiative, we encourage you to join the Continuum of Care Membership and its committees! Membership is open to anyone interested in and committed to ending homelessness in Alameda County. There are no term limits but must attend meetings to remain an active voting member.

Become a Member!

What does a member do?

Roles & Responsibilities:
Generate ideas and provide strategic input to the Leadership Board and its committees/staff for the annual work plan, systems changes, and updates to the governance charter.

Hold at least two meetings per year (includes 1 annual meeting in the fall).

Annual meeting:
Elect designated members to EveryOne Home Leadership Board and HUD CoC Committee. Ratify initial governance charter and subsequent changes to it.

Being on a committee is a great way to contribute to an area of the homeless system you feel passionately about. There is no need to have background experience or expertise for the majority of the groups.

A number of committees are open, meaning anyone can join at anytime. To participate any of these committees, click on the committee page to sign-up. Once you sign-up you will be notified of any upcoming meetings. If a committee is selected that just means we hold an application process for that group so feel free to apply on the committee page!