A Homeless Management Information System, HMIS, is a data collection system, which allows communities to collect, store, and report information about individuals receiving services.

In Alameda County, the HMIS Lead is the Alameda County Office of Homeless Care and Coordination.  Roles and responsibilities of the HMIS Lead include: 

  • Develops plans, policies and procedures on behalf of the CoC including: Data Quality Plan, Security Plan, Privacy Plan
  • Program compliance with applicable agreements: monitoring and enforcing compliance by all participating agencies with HUD established HMIS requirements, local policies and requirements in HMIS Participation Agreement
  • Leads HMIS Operation and Management: Reporting and training and technical assistance
  • Ensures compliance with functionality standards
  • Increasing HMIS Participation

For more information, please see the HMIS Lead website and the HMIS Committee page.

Continuum of Care

HMIS Lead Agency

  • Designates the HMIS Lead and HMIS Vendor
  • Monitors the HMIS Lead and overall data quality
  • Reviews, revises and approved HMIS policies and procedures
  • Enforces HMIS Data Quality Plan
  • Ensure HMIS is in compliance with HUD requirements
  • Leads HMIS Operation and Management
  • Develops plans, policies and procedures in coordination with the CoC
  • Ensures participating agencies are in compliance with applicable agreements
  • Ensures compliance with functionality standards