Executive Director

Katie Haverly has spent the last 15 years of her professional career in the field of public health research and evaluation. Her wide-ranging work has focused on many community issues, including homelessness, substance use, mental health/behavioral health treatment, criminal justice and reentry, missing and murdered indigenous women and girls, HIV/AIDS, childhood obesity, and childhood development.  She is a published research author and a highly skilled analyst in both quantitative and qualitative methods and is especially adept at helping programs develop effective outcome measures and data systems to better serve their communities. Over the span of her career, the key through line has been her strength in bringing together a wide range of stakeholders to solve problems effectively together.  At EveryOne Home, she is able to bring a comprehensive perspective to the work of ending homelessness because of the different systems she has expertise and experience with that interface with this complex issue. 

Prior to joining the EveryOne Home team, Katie worked in a variety of sectors including public universities, government, research firms, and non profits. She attended SUNY Albany in New York where she received her Masters of Science in Health Policy, Management & Behavior, and was also enrolled in the PhD program for Public Health at UNC Chapel Hill. Outside of EOH, Katie is also an accomplished musician, and has released nine full-length albums to date. She also enjoys regularly composing and producing music for a variety of projects and collaborators. 

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Rachel Rios-Richardson is the Director of Training and Evaluation at EveryOne Home. She is privileged to have over a decade of experience working with and alongside people who have lived expertise with homelessness. Rachel is passionate about community-driven evaluation efforts with an equity lens. She enjoys using data to help tell important stories that inform change. Most recently, Rachel worked as an Evaluation Associate for a research and evaluation firm where she gained experience with designing and implementing a variety of complex research, evaluation, and planning projects. This included implementation planning for a major change in the state’s mental health crisis system. Before working in evaluation roles, Rachel worked in the field of legal advocacy for over seven years in the Bay Area, including nearly four years as an Advocate at Disability Rights California in Oakland.

Rachel has experience working with a wide variety of stakeholders who are part of behavioral health, employment, education, and housing systems. Rachel obtained a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree from Arizona State University, with an emphasis on policy and community practice, and a B.A. from Davidson College. Outside of work, Rachel enjoys spending time in nature and with her wife and their senior dogs.

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Administrative Assistant

Nelene DeGuzman graduated from the University of San Francisco with a BS in Chemistry with an emphasis on Biochemistry. After many years working in the world of pharmaceutical manufacturing and quality control, she founded the home and bodycare company Art Over Order as well as co-founded Cero, a zero waste company dedicated to providing products, resources and recycling programs for reducing waste in the community. Her recent experience and skills also include bookkeeping, office management as well as art and graphic design. She is the newest addition to the EveryOne Home team and is excited to bring her skillset to the continued mission to end homelessness.

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Outreach Coordinator

Katie Barnett began her work with EveryOne Home serving on the 2019 NOFO Committee as a consumer advocate. She was elected to the CoC Leadership Board the same year, where she served for nearly two years as the representative stakeholder for the membership body of the CoC. During that time, she served on a variety of subcommittees and took a direct role in strategically restructuring the Alameda County CoC. Advocating for greater representation and responsibility for individuals with lived experience and racially marginalized community members guided her work at that level, and culminated with revisions to the CoC’s governance charter that now requires both forms of representation comprise at least one-third of the seats on all CoC committees and boards.

In 2021, Katie resigned from the Leadership Board to accept the role of Outreach Coordinator at EveryOne Home, where she built targeted recruitment strategies necessary to support the CoC’s commitment to authentic engagement and representation of the community it serves. Since then, she has developed several first-of-its-kind engagement initiatives, including the Beginner’s NOFO Sessions and EveryOne Home’s Emerging Leaders Program, which provides advocacy and leadership training to individuals with lived experience of homelessness interested in serving on CoC committees.

As a fourth-generation resident of the East Bay, Katie is both personally and professionally committed to preserving the working class and racially marginalized communities who built the San Francisco Bay Area.

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