Our Governance

In 2014, one of the goals of our system redesign work was to make it easy for anyone with an interest in our vision and mission to participate in shaping our work.  Therefore, our governance is structured so that there are many opportunities for community stakeholders to get involved either passively or actively.  

Becoming a member of EveryOne Home is the easiest way to be involved.  It is free and the membership meets only twice a year to stay informed, provide strategic input, and vote for a number of committee members.  

If you are interested in ending homelessness, join the movement.  Become a member, anyone can do it.  Members advocate for more safe, affordable homes for those with extremely low incomes and living with disabilities.  They join committees working to make our services effective and accessible to people experiencing a housing crisis. They volunteer, they speak up, and they don’t accept business as usual.  Members encourage others, from policy makers to people on the street to believe we can and will end homelessness.

Download the Governance Charter