Housing Stability and Homelessness Prevention Committee



The purpose of the Housing Stability and Homelessness Prevention Committee is to develop strategies and collaborations to prevent new homelessness, including for formerly homeless people who have moved into housing. The committee will be charged with identifying best practices, strategies to improve the effectiveness of existing homelessness prevention and housing stability initiatives, and opportunities for cross-sector collaboration to slow inflow into the homeless services system.

  • Apply a racial equity framework in order to advance fairness and justice in all we do.
  • Consult with local government recipients on allocations of prevention funding.
  • Determine how to integrate homelessness prevention assistance into the broader system (i.e., determine where prevention services should live).
  • Analyze inflow data to determine populations at greatest risk of experiencing homelessness, along with key causes/drivers of homelessness.
  • Identify gaps in programing (populations, services, locations) and develop recommendation to better target prevention assistance and design more responsive, effective assistance models.
  • Work with mainstream system partners to identify strategies to prevent discharge into the homelessness services system.
  • Coordinate with the System Impact Committee to identify supportive housing providers with high rates of returns to homelessness; provide resources and support to improve performance.
  • Track and monitor implementation of any racial equity objectives.
 Name  Organization
Dot Theodore Alameda County Public Health Office of HIV Care
Dylan Sweeney/Nick Draper (proxy)
Eleni Spiru Swords to Plowshares
Feroz Anir Family Violence Law Center
Jake Medcalf Firm Foundation Community Housing
Jason Earl City of Dublin
Jeanette Rodriguez HCSA Office of Homeless Care and Coordination
Kelly Hoffman City of Oakland
Kendy Mendoza
Logan McDonnell BACS
Luke Barnesmoore Home Match- Front Porch
Marcie Soslau Johnson City of Alameda
Monisha Bardell Emerging Leaders
Ms. Shelley Gonzalez
Paris Davis YOUTH ALIVE!
Richard Nudelman Emerging Leaders