HMIS Oversight Committee

To Submit Written Public Comment to the HMIS Oversight Committee

Persons who are unable to attend the Committee meeting may submit, by the time the meeting proceedings begin, written comments regarding an Agenda Item in the meeting. Comments which include “for Public Distribution” in either the title and/or body of the email or letter will be made part of the official public record and brought to the attention of the HMIS Oversight Committee. Written comments should be submitted to Alexis Lozano, Data and Performance Analyst –, or via mail: 1271 Washington Ave., #619, San Leandro, CA 94577. Due to the Shelter In Place, there may be a delay in staff receiving written comments submitted by mail.

Due to the shelter in place order and COVID-19 pandemic,  the HMIS Oversight Committee will be conducting their meetings online through zoom until further notice.  The public is welcome to participate or comment by joining the zoom call. Please see the zoom information posted in the materials of each meeting.

  • Acts as liaison between the HUD CoC Committee and the HMIS Lead Agency, with the following responsibilities:
    • Reviews data quality reports and recommends a quality improvement program to the HUD COC Committee
    • Takes appropriate action to ensure accountability and improved performance per approved program.
  • Ensures compliance with federal requirements.
  • Supports and protects the rights and privacy of service users.
  • Collaborate with the HMIS Lead on all policies the HMIS Lead is required to develop including Privacy, Security, and Data Quality Plans as required by federal regulation.
  • Conducts an annual review of HMIS performance and functionality, using the HMIS work plan to measure progress.
HMIS Oversight Seating Structure and Roster
Chair, votingMike KellerEOCPData Quality or HMIS End user
VotingTunisia OwensFamily Violence Law CenterHUD CoC Committee
VotingJosh JacobsCity of BerkeleyCoordinated Entry Lead
VotingMargaret AlfaroAbode ServicesCoordinated Entry Lead
VotingSuzanne WarnerHCSACE Management Entity
VotingJonathan RussellBACSData Quality or HMIS End user
StaffRiley WilkersonHCDCounty Funding Partner
VotingLaurie FloresCity of FremontData Quality or HMIS End User
StaffJessica ShimminEveryOne HomeCoC Lead
StaffPatrick CrosbyHCDHMIS Lead
StaffJohn NoeHCDHMIS Lead

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If you are interested in joining or have any questions you can contact Alexis Lozano at