HMIS Committee

All HMIS Committee  meetings are open to the public. Alameda County residents with lived experience of homelessness are encouraged to attend. You can view the calendar of meetings here.

Persons who are unable to attend the Committee meeting may submit, by the time the meeting proceedings begin, written comments regarding an Agenda Item in the meeting. 

A total of 10 minutes will be set aside as an Agenda item for general public comment, with a time limit of 2 minutes per person.

To Submit Written Public Comment to the HMIS Committee:

All written public comment submitted by the time of the meeting that indicates “for Public Distribution” will be accepted and noted during Public Comment period and distributed at the meeting. Please email your public comment to

The purpose of HMIS Committee is to support the effective operation and  oversight of the CoC’s Homeless Management Information System (HMIS), as required by HUD’s CoC Program Interim Rule at 24 CFR 578.7 and to meet data management infrastructure needs.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Serve as a forum for identification of system-level trends/challenges, collaborative problem solving, and desired HMIS system enhancements. Uplift recommendations to the CoC Board based on forum discussions and decision making.
  • Conduct on-going evaluation of HMIS system by supporting the  gathering of user feedback to improve the HMIS experience.
  • Provide feedback to the HMIS Lead and endorsement as appropriate on all policies the HMIS Lead is required to develop including Privacy, Security, and Data Quality Plans as required by federal regulation.
  • Develop evaluation tool and conduct annual review of the HMIS Lead in fulfillment of its duties as outlined in MOU with Leadership Board.
  • Apply a racial equity framework in order to advance fairness and justice in all we do.
HMIS Oversight Seating Structure and Roster
Role Name Agency Seat
Voting Daniel Scott HCD Representative from Unincorporated Area w/in County
Voting Deidre Wan Safe Haven Homeless Care Manager Representative with Lived Experience
Voting Jared DeFigh Representative with Lived Experience
Voting Josh Jacobs City of Berkeley City Representative
Voting Katie Barnett Emerging Leaders/All Home Representative with Lived Experience
Voting Martha Elias OHCC  Coordinated Entry Management Entity
Voting Melisssa Moore RISE Representative with Lived Experience
Voting Michelle Ogburn Abode Services Service provider representative operating programming in CoC
Voting Mike Keller East Oakland Community Project Service provider representative operating programming in CoC
Voting Patrick Anderson Emerging Leaders Representative with Lived Experience
Co-Chair, Voting Shatae Jones Alameda Alliance Service Provider Representative Operating Programming in CoC
Co-Chair, Voting Shelly Haynes City of Livermore City Representative
Staff Alex Baker OHCC HMIS Lead

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