CoC Standards, Compliance, and Funding Committee



The purpose of the CoC Standards, Compliance, and Funding Committee will be to support preparation of applications for CoC funding and support the Leadership Board in fulfilling its obligations as outlined in the HUD’s CoC Program Interim Rule at 24 CFR 578.8 and as detailed below.

  • Apply a racial equity framework in order to advance fairness and justice in all we do.
  • Design, operate, and implement a collaborative process for submitting the CoC application to HUD.
  • Seat a non-conflicted Appeals Panel to review, decide, and act on rating and ranking appeals relative to the HUD CoC application.
  • Coordinate with the System Impact Committee to identify projects not meeting community benchmarks for performance and determine how to use that information in rating and ranking decisions.
  • Provide the Collaborative Applicant and ESG Recipients feedback on/adoption of written standards for CoC and ESG assistance.
  • Develop evaluation tool/protocols and conduct annual review of the Collaborative Applicant in fulfillment of its duties as outlined in MOU with Leadership Board.
  • Track and monitor implementation of racial equity objectives establishing by the Committee related to the work of this committee (e.g., conduct outreach and facilitate inclusion of BIPOC-led organizations in all funding opportunities).
 Name  Organization
Annette Sanders Glad Tidings Community Development
Carolyn Sharp All Home
Donna Griggsmurphy HumanGood
Gregory Garrett City of Oakland
Jennifer Lucky OHCC
Josh Jacobs City of Berkeley
Maighna Jain BALA
Ms. Shelley Gonzalez Leadership Board
Ray Corona Covenant House, YAB
Riley Wilkerson OHCC
Sunita Garrett
Susan Snell
Tunisia Owens FVLC