Tonight, nearly 10,000 people will experience homelessness in Alameda County.

Homelessness in the county continues to increase.

Homeless statistics for Alameda County:

For every 3 people becoming homeless only 1 returns to housing.

We will not change the trajectory of homelessness with the current pace and scale of our response.

We must do more.

We have a plan:

1. Stop homelessness before it starts.

Keep people housed by investing in homelessness prevention, and directing services to those most likely to become homeless.

2. House extremely low-income people.

Provide housing and support to the most vulnerable: families, seniors, people with disabilities, and others surviving on fixed incomes.

3. Provide access to services.

Protect people experiencing homelessness with shelter, mental health care, hygiene services, safe parking, and jobs programs.

Investing in the plan works.

Public investment works:

Help us bring everyone home.