Home Stretch

Alameda County has over 1800 units of Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) for formerly homeless people. Home Stretch is Alameda County’s strategy to prioritize PSH opportunities to homeless and disabled people with the highest needs in order to maximize the impact PSH can have in ending homelessness.

Home Stretch will establish a County-wide registry of people who are homeless and disabled and a centralized process for linking high need individuals and households with PSH opportunities.  In addition, Home Stretch will include housing navigation services for people prioritized for PSH in order to provide a supportive process that includes assistance obtaining necessary documentation for move-in.

If your client is currently homeless and disabled, please review the eligibility requirements below and make a referral.

If you are interested in receiving email updates about Home Stretch or learning about the Home Stretch Committee, click here. 

For a list of Home Stretch participating providers, click here.

For more information or assistance, please call Home Stretch at (510) 891-8938 or email them at HomeStretch@acgov.org.

STEP 1 – Verify client’s eligibility

Please review the following documents:

Description and Eligibility

Chronic Homelessness Guide


If client is eligible for Home Stretch, download the Home Stretch Referral Packet and submit a referral with all of the following documents for client to be entered into the Home Stretch registry.

  1. Fully completed Fax Cover Sheet with client HMIS ID# (if known); AND,
  2. Home Stretch Consent to Release of Information (ROI) signed by client and staff supporting client; AND,
  3. Fully completed InHOUSE Standard Intake Form; AND,
  4. Fully completed Home Stretch Contact Information Form.

High Need Verification Forms

o   For instructions on how to complete the VI-SDPAT assessments visit: http://www.orgcode.com/course/vi-spdat-v2-training/.

Home Stretch Referral Process

Home Stretch Document Flow Diagram

Training Meeting Presentation


If client is eligible for Home Stretch, download the Home Stretch Housing Match Packet and submit the requested documents. Clients will not be matched to housing without the submission of all Housing Match documentation.

Home Stretch is a community partnership led by EveryOne Home and Alameda County Health Care Services Agency.  The launch of Home Stretch in 2016 is made possible in part by a generous Collaborative Change Initiative grant from the Hellman Foundation.