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Home Stretch is no longer accepting referrals as of Nov 17, 2017.

Moving forward, households will be prioritized for permanent supportive housing and other HUD-funded housing resources through Alameda County’s Coordinated Entry system.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has required that all communities that receive HUD funding develop a Coordinated Entry System. Coordinated Entry is a shared and standardized method for connecting people experiencing homelessness to the resources available in a given community.  Coordinated entry assesses people’s housing-related needs, prioritizes them for resources, and links those in need to a range of types of assistance, including immediate shelter and longer-term housing focused programs.

Home Stretch began as a program that piloted coordinated entry into permanent supportive housing only. Alameda County is now implementing system-wide coordinated entry that will allow for fair and equitable access to emergency shelter, transitional housing, rapid-rehousing, and permanent supportive housing. Households will also be able to access housing problem solving assistance, housing education classes, and housing-related legal services. People experiencing homelessness will no longer need to apply for services through multiple programs, but instead will be assessed and prioritized for all services at once.

Home Stretch will continue to use the current registry and prioritization until all people in the Home Stretch registry have been outreached to for updated assessments. Once this occurs, we will retire the current registry and begin matching to permanent supportive housing through Coordinated Entry.

For more information on the integration of Home Stretch into the Housing Crisis Response System click here. 



  • Literally Homeless: The individual (or head of household) is living on the streets, in abandoned buildings, parks, a vehicle, or other outside place not meant for people to live, in an emergency shelter or emergency housing program, or a transitional housing program for homeless individuals OR is in an institutional care facility for fewer than 90 days and was in one of the previously listed living situations prior to entering the institution; OR Fleeing / attempting to flee, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, or any other life-threatening or dangerous conditions that are directed at the individual and/or family members and occurring within the household or making so that the family is afraid to return home. No other housing has been identified and no other resources or networks are available; AND
  • Disabled: The individual (or head of household) has a disabling health condition(s), such as a diagnosable substance use disorder, serious mental illness, developmental disability, or chronic physical illness or disability that is expected to be of long-continued and indefinite duration and substantially impedes the persons’ ability to live independently.
  • Over 18 or an Emancipated Youth.
  • Currently Residing in Alameda County


As of November 17th, Home Stretch will no longer be accepting referrals directly. Instead households will be prioritized for permanent supportive housing and other HUD-funded housing resources through Alameda County’s Coordinated Entry System . Households can be connected to the Coordinated Entry System by calling 2-1-1 or by attending a Housing Workshop.


Housing Match Documents are important to collect for all types of housing applications including mainstream, affordable, subsidized, and permanent supportive housing. In Alameda County, clients cannot be matched to permanent supportive housing without the all Housing Match Documentation.

If you or your client submitted a referral before November 17th, 2017, please continue to turn in Housing Match Documentation to HomeStretch@acgov.org, as well as call 2-1-1 with your client to have them referred to their regional Housing Resource Center (HRC) to be assessed for additional housing resources.

If you or your client did not submit a referral prior to November 17th, 2017, call 2-1-1 with your client to have them referred to their regional Housing Resource Center (HRC). Please note that Alameda County is in a transition period and not all HRCs are fully operational. If your region’s HRC is not accepting referrals at this time, call 2-1-1- weekly for updates. Also, please COLLECT AND HOLD Housing Match Documents, as they are essential to access all types of housing resources in and out of the Housing Crisis Response System.


Housing Match Documents Include:

  1. HOUSING MATCH DOCUMENTATION CHECKLIST – use the checklist to ensure you have completed all the required forms
  2. HOUSING PROFILE – Fully completed Housing Profile Form
  3. DISABILITY VERIFICATION – Fully completed Verification of Disability Form
  4. HOUSING HISTORY – Fully completed Housing History Form
  5. VERIFICATION OF HOMELESSNESS – use one of both forms to verify periods of homelessness in the past 3 years.



Click here to download the Home Stretch MOU.

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