EveryOne Home tracks local, state and federal policy so that we are advocating for solutions to homelessness at every level of government.  We invite you to look into our current advocacy positions below.

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Local Meaures

To learn more and see how you can get more involved in supporting Propositions 1,2, and 10, click the links below:

Prop 1

Prop 2

Prop 10

Alameda County Housing Bond

Alameda County Bond Implementation Plan Highlights PowerPoint presented at the Community Meeting on 5/3/17.

In November, Alameda County voted to approve the Affordable Housing Bond! Thanks to all that voted YES on Measure A1 for Affordable Housing.

The $580 million housing bond will go towards helping various groups of people negatively impacted by the housing crisis such as people experiencing homelessness, low income families, first time home buyers, the disabled, elderly, and veterans. Because of your advocacy, it will be required that 20% of the rental housing units be reserved for extremely low-income households at or below 20% Area Median Income.  Together, we can work towards ending homelessness and providing affordable housing to all those in need in Alameda County.


Expanding the “20 for 20” Model

At its June meeting, the EveryOne Home Leadership Board recommended that all local jurisdictions creating new resources to address the affordable housing crisis dedicate at least 20% of the funds generated to meeting the housing needs of those at 20% of AMI or below, especially those experiencing homelessness.

Given the success of the advocacy efforts with the Alameda County General Obligation Housing Bond, EveryOne Home will continue the messaging and expand the model. The EveryOne Home Leadership Board recommends given that:
• all local jurisdictions adopted the EveryOne Home Plan to end homelessness, a core strategy of which is to expand the amount of housing affordable and accessible to disabled and homeless persons;
• homelessness is the most egregious symptom of our county’s affordable housing crisis; and
• efforts to address this housing crisis must also address homelessness.

Any measure seeking to generate funds for housing include a commitment to using 20% of the funds to house those with 20% Area Median Income or below, especially those experiencing homelessness.

Memo re: Expanding the “20 for 20” model


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