The Plan

The 2018 Strategic Plan Update was spurred by the 2017 point in time count, which quantified the growth of homelessness in Alameda County and catalyzed the need for new strategies. Thank you to the EveryOne Home stakeholders who contributed insight and passion to this effort through EveryOne Home membership meetings, consumer focus groups, online surveys, and one on one meetings.

Download the EveryOne Home Plan to End Homelessness: 2018 Strategic Update

Click here to download the executive summary.

Read the SF Chronicle article about the 2018 Strategic Update here: Report says price tag for ending Alameda County homelessness is $334M a year

Aging on the street: Nearly half of older homeless people fell into trouble after age 50, new research shows. Meet three people who worked hard in life but fell through a tattered safety net 

Thousands of people experience homelessness during the course of a year in Alameda County. Thousands more are living in precarious or unsafe situations. The EveryOne Home Plan, formerly known as the Alameda Countywide Homeless and Special Needs and Housing Plan, lays out our approach to ending homelessness in Alameda County. In the plan we lay out our collaborative approach and key strategies to end homelessness. Download the Original EveryOne Home Plan 
We can accomplish the goals of EveryOne Home through the collaborative efforts of the county and local jurisdictions, nonprofit, community and faith-based organizations, businesses and individuals in the private sector.  As of January 1, 2016, the agencies and organizations below have endorsed EveryOne Home. endorsers image