Leadership Board

The Leadership Board is a representative cross section of stakeholders responsible for setting program policy and determining strategic direction, guiding the organization, overseeing the work of the committees and ensuring continued cross sector collaboration.

Members must have a commitment to EveryOne Home’s mission and key strategies. They must also work to ensure the collaboration/engagement of their own agency or constituency in the successful implementation of the EveryOne Home Plan.

  • Determine desired population results; adopt and promote broad strategies to end homelessness in Alameda County.
  • Adopt population indicators and system performance measures and benchmarks.
  • Adopt standards of care and guiding principles.
  • Adopt an annual work plan for implementing the Strategic Plan Update and achieving its benchmarks and track progress.
  • Collaborate to find resources and expand partnerships to achieve results.
  • Establish guidelines and resource recommendations for a coordinated housing crisis resolution system that meets HUD CES expectations and ensure it is contributing to desired results.
  • Seek strategic input and ongoing involvement from the EveryOne Home membership.
  • Adopt communications strategies to inform and engage stakeholders on collective impact efforts.
  • Adopt Governance Charter changes for ratification by EveryOne Home membership.
  • Recruit and approve committee members with set membership; members proposed by ad-hoc nominating committee.
Name Title Organization
Sara Bedford Director City of Oakland
Kristen Lee Acting Director City of Berkeley
Linda Gardner Director Alameda County HCD
Colleen Chawla Director Alameda County HCSA
Lori Cox Director Alameda County SSA
Claudia Young Human Services Program Manager City of Livermore
Jill Dunner  Member City of Berkeley Human Welfare and Community Action Commission
Moe Wright Principal BBI Construction
Peggy McQuaid Councilmember City of Albany
Suzanne Shenfil Director City of Fremont
Vivian Wan Associate Director Abode Services
Gloria Bruce Executive Director East Bay Housing Organizations
Kelly Glossup Youth and Services Manager Alameda County Sheriff's Office
Nella Goncalves Director Beyond Emancipation
Darin Lounds Executive Director Housing Consortium of East Bay
Ray Bonilla Executive Director Kaiser Permanente
Dr. Christine Ma Medical Director UCSF's Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland
Susan Shelton At-large Representative n/a
Chris Gouig Director Housing Authority
Liz Varela Executive Director Building Futures with Women and Children
Wendy Jackson Executive Director East Oakland Community Project
Doug Biggs Executive Director Alameda Point Collaborative
Paulette Franklin Professional Technical/ Mental Health Specialist Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services
Bold=appointed, Italic=Membership Representative

For more information about Leadership Board contact Alexis Lozano at alozano@everyonehome.org.