HUD CoC Committee

The HUD CoC Committee functions as the Continuum of Care Board, required by the Interim Rule to act on behalf of the membership to ensure the CoC responsibilities are fulfilled. Those include; operating a Continuum of Care, operating and HMIS, Continuum of Care planning, and preparing an application for Continuum of Care funds (HUD NOFA).

  1. Appoint committees, subcommittees or workgroups pertaining to the responsibilities outlined in the Interim Final Rule.
  2. Determines costs of complying with HUD mandates
  3. Assume many of responsibilities as outlined in the Interim Final Rule.
  4. Develop and recommend to the Leadership Board annual updates to the Governance Charter as needed.
  5. Develop recommendations for the Leadership Board to establish/update performance targets; monitor, evaluate, and take action to improve poor performance at both the system and provider levels.
  6. Evaluate outcomes of Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) and CoC projects and report to HUD.
  7. Establish and ensure written standards are consistently followed for providing CoC assistance including eligibility for transitional housing and rapid rehousing; the percentage of rent each participant must pay in rapid rehousing; and determining and prioritizing which eligible households will receive permanent supportive housing.
  8. In collaboration with EveryOne Home staff, conduct the biennial point-in-time count of homeless persons.
  9. Conduct an annual gaps analysis of the homeless needs and services to develop recommendations for the Leadership Board. Establish and affirm priorities for funding projects with CoC funds to be approved by the Leadership Board.
  10. Provide information required to complete the Consolidated Plans within the Continuum.
  11. Consult with local government ESG recipients on allocation of those funds and on evaluating and reporting performance.
  12. Design, operate and follow a collaborative process for applications to be submitted under the CoC NOFA.
    1. a. Approve the submission of the application.
  13. Develop, adopt and oversee an annual work plan for the HUD CoC Committee.
Name (alpha. By last) Organization
Doug Biggs Alameda Point Collaborative
C’Mone Falls Alameda County SSA
Paulette Franklin Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services
Wendy Jackson East Oakland Community Project
Ja'Nai Aubry Family Violence Law Center
Lara Tannenbaum City of Oakland
Marnelle Timson  n/a
Andrew Wicker City of Berkeley
Riley Wilkerson Alameda County Housing and Community Development
1.16.18 Meeting 2.20.18 Meeting 3.20.18 Meeting 4.17.18 Meeting 5.15.18 Meeting 6.19.18 Meeting 7.17.18 Meeting 9.05.18 Meeting 9.25.18 Meeting Click below to download all the agendas and minutes from 2017. 2017 HUD CoC Agendas and Minutes


Interested in joining the HUD CoC Committee?

We are always accepting applications!  However, because this is a selected committee and terms are three years with no term limits we cannot guarantee there will be open seats.  You can fill out the application for the committee and we will be in touch to notify you of your status.  In the meantime you can always be on one of our open committees.