HMIS Oversight Committee

HMIS Oversight Committee Roster
Seat Name Organization  
Staff Jessica Shimmin EveryOne Home  
Staff Patrick Crosby HCD- HMIS Lead  
Staff Trevor Mells HCD- HMIS Lead  
HUD COC Committee Andrew Wicker City of Berkeley  
HUD COC Committee Lara Tannenbaum City of Oakland  
Technical/DQ Staff Mike Keller EOCP  
Technical/DQ Staff Juliana Juarez Abode  
End User/Data Entry Camille Mariategue BFHP/APC  
End User/Data Entry Melissa Sutton-Dement BACS  
System Coordination and BNL Julie Leadbetter EveryOne Home  
RBA or SC Committee    
HCSA/AC3 Robert Ratner HCSA  
HCSA/AC3 Teddie Pierce HCSA