System Coordination Committee


The System Coordination Committee reviews the performance and operations of the Alameda County Housing Crisis Response System and adopts and recommends improvements. System Coordination Committee is delegated certain responsibilities of the HUD COC Committee that require the coordination and implementation of a housing and service system within its geographic area, including the responsibility to:
  • Convene system-wide stakeholders for coordinated planning and improvement of the Housing Crisis Response System
  • Review the performance and operations of the Housing Crisis Response System to determine if they are:
    • Consistent with approved principles, policies, and standards
    • Fair and transparent
    • Compliant with funding regulations
    • Working well and meeting performance benchmarks
  • Adopt and recommend changes to policies, standards, procedures, resources, and tools in order to improve the Housing Crisis Response System
  • Fulfill designated responsibilities of the HUD CoC Committee, including the annual submission of the Housing Crisis Response System Manual and the HUD CE Compliance Review to the HUD CoC Committee for approval
  • Establish and convene subcommittees and working groups to facilitate coordination, effective operations, and on-going improvement
Name Title Organization
Suzanne Warner Alameda County HCSA Alameda County HCSA
Peter Radu City of Berkeley City of Berkeley
Pattie Wall Homeless Action Center Homeless Action Center
Jessica Lobedan City of Hayward City of Hayward
Jamie Almanza Bay Area Community Services Bay Area Community Services
Laura Guzman Director EveryOne Home
Terrie Light Executive Director Berkeley Food and Housing Project
Aisha Brown   Alameda County SSA
Noha Aboelata Physician Roots Community Clinic
Alison DeJung Executive Director 211/Eden I&R
Merlenet Riley Social Service Specialist, Housing Coordinator Berkeley Mental Health, City of Berkeley
Lara Tannenbaum Planner City of Oakland
Riley Wilkerson Manager Alameda County HCD
Vivan Wan Director Abode Services